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Daily IT Style Recap: January 15, 2021

Hey, everyone! It’s FINALLY Friday. This has been another crazy kind of week, and I am thankful that Monday is a holiday for me. I can sure use a 3-day weekend to help put this week behind me. I am EXHAUSTED. Here’s a look back to what I wore to work this week. I’m also […]

Daily IT Style Recap: January 8, 2021

Hey everyone. I’m still here! And yes, I’m still blogging, AND still doing outfit posts. Here’s some proof: a recap of what I wore to work this week. I’ve seen it mentioned many times across various social media, and it’s so very true, so it bears repeating: man, what a year this week has been… […]

A Little Update…

Hi all, Yes, I am still alive. Things are, and have been, rather crazy for me, both personally and professionally. So much so, that I didn’t have the time or the inclination to post to my blog or social media. While taking a break from the IT- and style-related blogging and social media, I had […]

Daily IT Style: October 2, 2020

Ugh, we have FINALLY made it to Friday. It has been a CRAZY week. This was one of those weeks where I wish the weekend was three or even four days long. I even had a virtual conference to attend for three of the days, but couldn’t fully take advantage of the sessions or enjoy […]


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