Personal IT Style, Fashion News, and InfoSec for the Non-Tech

Hi! I’m Terry. I’ve been working 20+ years in the IT field, mostly in desktop support. I’ve recently become fascinated with things related to cyber and information security, and looking to work in the field.

Also, I’m fascinated with all things fashion and style, with aspirations of being a personal style consultant.

I will blog about my daily style that I wear to work each day, as well as cyber and informational security related news, as I marry the two in my own way. Nothing super technical or complicated, but more how it deals with and affects non-technical people. Think of it as an everyday person’s guide to security news.

Husband. Father. Casual gamer. Starbucks drinker. People watcher. Blogging about my passions: fashion/style and cyber/information security.

Check out the latest posts for each category below:

  • Daily IT Style Recap: November 22-24, 2021

    Hey everyone! It’s Friday for me, as I will be out for the Thanksgiving holiday, so I’m dropping my outfit recap post a couple of days early. While you’re here, I also just posted on the tech side of my blog, about how people should be more aware of their surroundings when posting pictures on […]

  • Be EXTREMELY Careful About What You Share On Social Media

    I just came across this TikTok video in my LinkedIn feed, and it’s quite scary how simple this is. The person in the video used a PICTURE of a key to have a replica made. Most people tend to not be aware of just HOW MUCH information a smartphone can capture in a picture nowadays. […]