Introductions are in Order

So, because I’m crazy, and a glutton for punishment (apparently), I’ve created a whole new blog, to combine both of my loves and passions: my passion for fashion and style, and my newly discovered passion for cyber and information security. This will be a combination of my two current blogs: “The Style of Terry”, and “The CyberStuff of Terry”, and those are being retired.

On the fashion/style side, I will be posting my personal daily IT style: as in, what I wear to work each day. Don’t expect luxury brands or sharp tailored suits, as those are not functional in my daily duties as an IT desktop support person. I will also post things related to fashion that I find interesting, and certainly will include things about Project Runway, which is what opened my eyes to this world to begin with.

On the cyber/information security side, I will be posting things that I come across on a daily basis that I think is important to share. I don’t want to post anything too technical here. I’d rather share events (breaches, ransomware, etc.), news, and other things that would relate to everyday people.

I hope you will enjoy this marriage of things technical and sartorial.