Daily IT Style: January 16, 2020

Happy pre-Friday, everyone! Are you ready for the weekend? I don’t know about you all, but I sure am. It’s been a crazy and busy week, and I’m ready to sit back and relax. Thankfully, it’s also Project Runway night, so you’ll find me tweeting all about that tonight. 🙂

Here’s what I wore to work today. Today was another very mild and sunny winter day, so I took advantage to wear a blazer today, and a short sleeve shirt. It’s a seersucker print (which is pretty much impossible to see), so I’m trying to channel my inner spring today, even though we’re really only barely into winter.

Have a great day!

What am I wearing?

  • Fossil sunglasses
  • Burberry blazer
  • Eddie Bauer shirt
  • Amazon Goodthreads pants
  • Steve Madden loafers