Daily IT Style: January 17, 2020

Oh my, we have FINALLY arrived at Friday! It’s taken weeks to get here! 😛

To my fellow Project Runway fans, what did you all think about last night’s episode? Honestly, there are only a handful of designers this season that I really like. The rest are just okay.

Anyway, here’s what I wore to work today. The weather took a turn for the chilly and windy today, which was DEFINITELY nothing like it has been the last few days.

Enjoy the weekend! For some of us in the US, it’s a 3-day weekend due to MLK Day on Monday, so I’ll be back on Tuesday!

What am I wearing today?

  • Armani Exchange sunglasses
  • Calvin Klein sweater
  • Saddlebred shirt
  • Old Navy jeans
  • Cole Haan sneakers