Daily IT Style: January 27, 2020

Well hey there, everyone! Happy Monday to each and every one of you. No, I’m not REALLY that outgoing and chipper on Monday. That’s the coffee talking. 😉

Here’s a look at what I wore to work today. The weather today was nice and mild today, so I could get away with wearing only light layers without freezing. I really, REALLY love the color of this sweater.

Most of today’s look comes from Amazon’s Goodthreads brand. I have been very impressed with their brand. It’s not terribly expensive, and items fit and feel very nicely! I’d certainly recommend them.

Have a great day!

What am I wearing today?

  • Burberry sunglasses
  • Calvin Klein sweater
  • Amazon Goodthreads shirt and pants
  • Oakton shoes

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