Daily IT Style: February 20, 2020

Happy Thursday! Only one day left of the work week. Today is also Project Runway night, AND it marks the one-week countdown to my birthday. Yay! Next week will be a very sparse blog post week for me, as I’m be off Monday, taking my exam (fingers crossed!), and I’m taking off Thursday and Friday next week for my birthday. I normally take the day off, but since it’s not on Friday or Monday, I took an extra day to make it a long weekend. 😀

Anyway, here’s what I wore to work today. The cold weather has made a return here. Yesterday, it was near 60 degrees, whereas today, it’s only in the 30s. Can the spring weather stick around?

Have a great day!

What am I wearing?

  • Burberry sunglasses
  • Old Navy sweater
  • Perruzo jeans
  • Levi’s sneakers