Daily IT Style: June 26, 2020

It. Is. Finally. FRI. DAY!! It has been a LONG and CRAZY week, and I am ready for the weekend and my week of furlough. I will be back onsite the following week, so look out for more posts! 😀

Here’s what I wore to work today. This look was brought to you by Old Navy. The shirt was a recent gift for Father’s Day, and I absolutely love it. I desperately need more obnoxious patterned shirts for summer, wouldn’t you agree?

Have a wonderful weekend, and see you back here the week after next!

So, what am I wearing?

  • Gap sunglasses
  • Old Navy shirt and jeans
  • Diesel sneakers

4 responses to “Daily IT Style: June 26, 2020”

  1. New backdrop? (and you have gone black and white)


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    1. Same location as always, just a different angle, and only the teaser photo is black and white, the rest are still color. It’s my way to draw people to check out each post to see the rest of the pictures in color 🙂

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      1. Awww, thank you! 😀