Daily IT Style: July 7, 2020

Happy Tuesday, everyone! How is your day treating you? Today hasn’t been too bad for me, actually. It wasn’t as crazy as yesterday, and I was able to catch up on work without having new work piled on top, so I made some headway. Gotta appreciate the small things, right? 🙂

Anyway, here’s what I wore to work today. On hot days like this, I sure do enjoy wearing linen. However, why is linen so expensive? I’d love to have a LOT more linen pieces in my wardrobe, but I’d be broke trying to make that happen.

Hope you like it, and have a great day!

So, what am I wearing?

  • Armani Exchange sunglasses
  • Perry Ellis Portfolio linen shirt
  • Perruzo jeans
  • Steve Madden loafers