Daily IT Style: August 10, 2020

Look who’s back…. Yep, it’s me. 🙂

My apologies for the disappearance. Between furloughs and such, I’ve also been dealing with family issues, as well as battling some inner demons that had decided to resurface after some time in hiding, and I just needed to step away. I’m doing better, but I’m still not at 100%, but at least I’m feeling better enough to come back to blogging. This is one of my passions.

Anyway, here’s what I wore to work today. I will certainly be glad once the weather starts to swing into autumn, so it’s a bit cooler out. I don’t really like dealing with the heat and the humidity together. I think that if I were allowed to wear shorts to work, I might have a different view about summer. Some days, it’s just too hot for pants.

Have a great day!

So, what am I wearing?

  • Burberry sunglasses
  • Axist polo shirt
  • Perruzo jeans
  • Steve Madden loafers