Daily IT Style: August 28, 2020

Hey folks, it is FINALLY Friday. I’m sure you all are as thankful as I am that the weekend is here. I’m liking to spend it resting and relaxing. I’ve hurt my back during the week, and hopefully lying around will do the trick and help me feel better.

Anyway, here’s what I wore to work today. I haven’t worn this shirt in a little bit (I think only once, which was when I first got it), and I wanted to be super casual and fun for Friday. As much as I really like this shirt, and wish I could wear it ALL the time, it’s a little hard to do, being that it’s such a fun pattern, and would be pretty recognizable if I tried to wear it a lot.

Have a great weekend!

So, what am I wearing today?

  • Burberry sunglasses
  • Old Navy shirt and jeans
  • Adidas sneakers