Daily IT Style Recap: October 18-22, 2021

Happy Friday, everyone! We are finally at the end of another work week, and the weekend is upon us. It’s rather hard to believe that October is almost over ALREADY. The year is just FLYING BY, I tell ya. I don’t know why, but today has been a real “meh” kind of day for me. I feel fine physically, but have just not been able to focus or feel motivated for anything, and my mind has been a little cloudy and swirly.

If you follow me on Twitter, you know that I’ve also been live-tweeting when the new episodes of Project Runway air (and I have been LOVING every minute of it, thank you). I’m really wanting to do my old recap blog posts once again, but I haven’t been able to find any sites that are doing recaps that post photos or screenshots of each look that I can use for reference in my posts. I might have to see if I can figure out how to do screen grabs from my DVR recordings (hey, I’m in tech, but that doesn’t mean I know EVERYTHING about tech :P).

Anyway, here’s a look back at what I wore to work this week. I’m still tossing about the idea of going back to doing daily posts of my outfits. I’d still keep the recap on Fridays. I just need to figure out how best to accomplish it. I’m also still trying to muck about with my blog, to try and make it look snazzier (nope, I’m not a graphic/site designer either :P).

For those of you who may follow my blog for tech posts, I really could use some inspiration on topics I might be able to write about. I’m looking for things that are tech-related, but would appeal to non-tech folks, and something I can explain to said non-tech folks. My focus and desire has always been to try and translate tech things (especially as they pertain to security) into something that the everyday person can understand. I feel this is a very valued, and quite underutilized, skill, and it’s desperately needed.

With all of that said (wow, guess I had a lot to say today!), I hope you all have a wonderful weekend!

October 18

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October 22