Be EXTREMELY Careful About What You Share On Social Media

I just came across this TikTok video in my LinkedIn feed, and it’s quite scary how simple this is.


Reply to @addysraccoonnest holy crap 😮😮

♬ original sound – Josh Sundquist

The person in the video used a PICTURE of a key to have a replica made. Most people tend to not be aware of just HOW MUCH information a smartphone can capture in a picture nowadays. You might think something small in the background isn’t going to be noticed, but with smartphone cameras getting better and better, it’s quite easy to zoom in on a photo to find all kinds of information about a person, such as letters/bills lying around to obtain an address.

I’ve even read stores where stalkers have used pictures of victims to zoom in and determine their location BY THE REFLECTION IN THEIR EYES OR GLASSES/SUNGLASSES.

This has been a public service announcement. 🙂

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