Daily IT Style Recap: March 21 – 25, 2022

Happy Friday! I’ve managed to survive my first full week back at work after vacation last week. It sure was rough in the beginning, I tell you! I’ve always had a great suggestion on how to re-acclimate employees returning from vacations so that they don’t feel so overwhelmed. How? You slowly ease them back into working a full day, like so:

Monday: work 4 hours
Tuesday: work 5 hours
Wednesday: work 6 hours
Thursday: work 7 hours
Friday: work 8 hours

See, I think that’s a perfect solution. Now, to just get buy-in at the senior leadership levels across the world. 😁

Heading off on a tangent, I’ve also been utilizing my LinkedIn space more as a social media tool, as my old standby Twitter seems to be dropping off for me, as I’ve been feeling rather invisible in both the fashion/style and tech/security communities I follow heavily on there. We’ll see what happens. I’ve been trying to do daily write-ups about things that go on in the workplace during the day (since I work doing quasi security, and quasi desktop support). I hope you’ll decide to check it out.

Anyway, here is a look back at what I wore to work this week. Please enjoy it all, and I will be back again on Monday.

Have a great weekend!

March 21

March 22

March 23

March 24

March 25