My Daily IT Style Recap: April 18 – 22, 2022

Hey, everyone! Happy Friday to you! Time for the weekend! What are your plans for it? I’m going to try and relax and read some more. For those that may not know, I recently picked up a Kindle, and I’m trying to force myself to read more. I’m doing it by picking up books that are related to the field that I’m trying to work in, which is security awareness, or a better term for it, human risk management. I’m happy to take book recommendations, especially if they pertain to this field, or my other passion, which is fashion (obviously, LOL).

Also for those who may not know, I have been quite active on LinkedIn, far more so than Twitter and Instagram. I seem to have been lost in the void on Twitter. Instagram is better, but it’s more for satisfying my passion of fashion, and interacting with those who I’ve been following for years and years (some probably over a decade now!). I’ve been using Twitter more for networking with people in the cyber security realm (mostly in information security, or InfoSec for short). Over the last few weeks, I’ve been inspired by a few people to “put myself out there” more, and so I’ve try to do just that on LinkedIn. I somehow manage to find something to write about every single workday, and I have NO idea how I’m doing it. For those who may want to see a whole other side of me, I invite you to follow or connect with me.

Have a great weekend!

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