Lock Your Screen!

I’m sure a lot of you out there at work sometimes walk away from your computer, and either forget (or don’t care) to lock your computer when stepping away.

Don’t lie, I know you do.

Yes, you. Over there.

No, not you.

YOU. ☺️

I’ll admit that even I’m guilty of it on occasion.

BUT, especially if you work in an open environment (labs, cube farms, open floor plans, etc.), it’s VERY easy for someone else to walk up and just start doing things on your computer.

Like what?

❗️Send emails from your account

❗️Move files around (or even delete them!)

❗️Access whatever network shares you may be connected to and poke around where they shouldn’t

❗️Check out your browser history, maybe even access sites where you have saved your credentials on

Sure, the odds of any of that happening are relatively low, but are you willing to take that risk with your data, or the company’s data? Not me!

A colleague of mine mentioned that when they used to come across unlocked computers, they would open up the browser and take them over to:


It’s rather humorous, and the messages change each time you visit the site or refresh the page. Hopefully a person coming back and seeing this on their computer might help them think twice about walking away from their computer without locking it.

Make sure you lock your computers when you step away. Think of it as your digital house. Don’t let other come in and “steal” your digital valuables.