Ask Me: What’s Going On?

I haven’t forgotten that I have a blog.

I also haven’t forgotten that there are people out there that follow it. I’ve just taken a step back out of posting on social media, and more of blending into the crowd.


To partially quote what I last wrote on LinkedIn (you can read the full post here if you like):

I’m lost.

I’ve lost my direction, my passion, and my inspiration. It’s amazing how one aspect of your life can have such a profound impact on every other aspect. It truly is like a snowball effect.

It’s really hard to be creative when one has lost that passion TO be creative. I’ve even lost my passion for fashion, and those who may have been following me for a long time know that’s HUGE.

I will definitely be back once things perk back up. Right now, I’m just not in the best headspace.

Thanks for your patience.