Redact, Redact, Redact!

I’m back…

Well, kind of. I’m still not entirely sure if I’m “back” or not. I’m still not in the best place, but I need to try and do something that maybe helps keep my mind off of just stewing over things constantly.

While listening to the newest episode of “Darknet Diaries”, Lisa Forte was making some really great points about how security is EVERYONE’S job. One of the ones I most agreed with was about making sure to redact (black out) any potential personally information when sharing on social media, and referenced LinkedIn specifically.

Many a time, I have seen people post their complete résumés on their timelines. While this may be great for potential employers to easily see what you’ve been up to, I cringe a bit (maybe a lot) at the information that they publicly post:

– Email addresses
– Physical addresses (home as well as employer) 😱
– Phone numbers (mostly mobile numbers)
– Employer business names

These kinds of information are a potential GOLD MINE of info to potential n’er-do-wells. Not only does it make their job much easier to impersonate you with your email address, physical address, or mobile number (hello two-factor authentication, anyone?), but it also makes it much easier for them to impersonate employers by using the information you’ve volunteered to them. They can take that information and target someone else, like pretend to be from their HR department, set up an “interview”, and scam the victim out of information or money.

Please think carefully about what information you may be unknowingly putting out into the universe when posting on social media. Redact anything that could potentially be used against you, or someone else. 🙏🏼