Some Food for Thought…

I keep forgetting that it’s totally okay for me to share content that I wrote across my various social media. That way, it’s seen by more eyes.

That said, I originally wrote and shared this on my LinkedIn profile…

Perry Carpenter‘s “8th Layer Insights” podcast never ceases to challenge me to see and think about humans from a new perspective. His episode this week is no exception.

During the interview with his guest Mikko Hyppönen, Mikko brought up a really great ponder point regarding privacy:

Those who say, “I have nothing to hide” are possibly thinking about privacy from the wrong point of view. Rather than thinking, “what do I have to hide?”, one should think, “what do I have to protect?” If you think about it, people have lots of data to protect, like:

– Financial account information
– Tax information
– Medical information

And I’m sure there are other things out there as well.

It also leads me to wonder a bit… if people of the “I have nothing to hide” mentality truly believe that, can they be entrusted with secrets to keep, whether it’s something personal, or something larger, like business secrets?