Be Well … Rounded.

An introspective…

When I started using LinkedIn in a more regular and serious way, I originally thought I would be using it to connect with all of the many tech, cybersecurity, and awareness folks out there, as I (STILL) continue on my quest to get into the field.

Turns out, my followings / connections have really been ALL over the place. I’ve also been connecting with a number of fashion-type folks, and also a lot of inspirational-type coaches / speakers. A lot of these kinds of accounts really have spoken to and resonated with me on levels that the tech and security people couldn’t. I have felt more balanced and rounded out than if I had just stuck with my original vision of following the tech / security community.

(Confidentially, I don’t recall how I found her in the first place, but I b̶l̶a̶m̶e̶ credit Samantha Harman for opening the proverbial floodgates into my finding all of these other people 😉)

This has helped to remind me that we, as humans, are rounded-out individuals. We can follow and pursue many facets of life, and don’t need to have a singular interest. Follow what speaks to your heart or soul.

Have a great weekend!