Musings and Deep Thoughts Re: Twitter

I’ll likely post these deep thoughts here on my blog as well as they come to me. I feel like my creativity is slowly coming back, having been using Mastodon (a Twitter-like alternative) for over a week now.

I have to remind myself that Mastodon isn’t Twitter. Not everyone that I came across on Twitter will necessarily want to come across me on Mastodon too.

New site, new start.

It’s really hard though. Like a lot of people, I’ve been on Twitter since nearly the beginning. I’ve discovered new passions about myself, and connected with those who shared those same passions. Over the years, I’ve evolved, and developed my own identity, and branding. For better or worse, Twitter made me who I am today.

To see it spiral out of control like it has been is very painful to watch. It’s heartbreaking. I feel like a very large part of me, of what makes me “me” is dying. It’s scary.