Support: Nope, No Clever Titles for This One

Today, I am truly a believer that a spark of creativity can be ignited from ANYTHING.

Yep, seriously!

What sold me on it? A simple sentence I received in a DM from someone.

“Did you get your creativity back yet?”

Yep, that’s it.

If you follow me on other social media, you’re likely aware that I have trying to find and reclaim my creativity, and it was my hope that my time away from work would somehow magically restore it, like charging a battery. That I would come back to work all renewed and reinvigorated, with creative juices just oozing out of me.

Uh, yeah, not so much.

But for some reason, those seven little words almost INSTANTLY sparked something. One word suddenly came to mind, in enormous, flashing, super-fancy font:


Whether that person was aware of it or not, they were offering support. It suddenly dawned on me: support isn’t just simply listening to someone, offering an ear to listen, or a shoulder to cry on. Support can also be that gentle, or a not-so-gentle-nudge nudge from someone. Sometimes, a person (yes, me) just needs someone to walk up to them, knock on their head, and say,

“Hey you! What have you done for yourself lately?”

It may be a bit brazen, unexpected, or even considered rude, but sometimes, it’s just what the doctor ordered (again, talking about me).

I am incredibly thankful for ALL of those who support me. Not just the cheerleaders, and the listeners. But, also the pushy ones who may make me irritated or angry to push myself just to shut them up. 😂

I’m going to remember this, and also try to be that person to others if they need it. I want to see others succeed and be happy. I’ve always been the one to listen and cheer for others, but I think I’ll try to do more. If someone needs the push (or shove) to get themselves going, I’ll try to assist.