Secure, in Style – Outfit Recap: January 16 – 20, 2023

We’ve made it to another weekend, everyone! We are in the home stretch!

Normally, I like to take the weekend to kick back and relax. It’s how I recharge my batteries.

However, I think this weekend I’m going to be looking into how to better use the Pixelmator app on my iPad so I can better edit my photos. Depending upon the weather outside, things can vary wildly when I try to adjust the levels. When it’s really sunny outside, some colors seem to be darkened out by the sunlight. Conversely, on cloudy/rainy days, everything is so washed out.

A good part of it is also likely attributed to not configuring my iPhone camera app (or a third-party one) to really dial things in and make them look their best. Soooooooo, that is my homework for this weekend. Do any of you have self-imposed homework assignments for the weekend?

Here’s a look back at what I wore to work this week. I hope you like it. Go out there and carpe that diem, and have a great weekend! 😅

January 16

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January 17


January 18

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January 19


January 20

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