Why Am I Interested in Security Awareness?

FYI: I wrote and posted this on my LinkedIn profile on Jan. 29, 2023. I’m HORRIBLE at remembering to share my posts across social media consistently.

I see it posted time and time again across various social media sites…


Ever see/hear things like this before? 

“If you want to do X in cybersecurity, you need:
– 12 years experience creating your own exploits
– A Master’s degree in Cryptology
– 32 certifications across 15 fields
– Your own custom built “military grade” home lab
– Coding skills to create your own operating system”

Oh, and that’s just for an ENTRY level job.

And people/business GENUINELY confused as to why there isn’t enough people to fill the need? 

Personal opinion: yes, I COMPLETELY believe there is a shortage of talent because of the unrealistic expectations of organizations, or because that the people who came before went through some rite of passage to get where they are today, they expect, or even DEMAND, that those who follow must endure the same hardships they did.

Needless to say, things like this rather discouraged me from trying to find a way to break into the field. From the few certification exams I have taken, it quickly became clear to me that I was not destined to land a technical role in cybersecurity.

Fast forward to a casual conversation I was having with a coworker when it just suddenly dawned on me: I wanted to get into the security awareness/education/culture field. There’s not a lot of technical chops required. I have good customer skills (for being an introvert, that’s pretty amazing), and I’ve always been passionate about educating our customers to help keep them safe.

From that moment on, I dove head first in the security awareness community on social media, especially LinkedIn. 

You know what I found out? 

✅ – By and large, the community is EXTREMELY friendly
✅ – The community is EXTREMELY supportive and helpful, even to someone like me, who is not even working in the field
✅ – The community has a diverse range of backgrounds; not everyone comes from a technical background (and I LOVE this)

I have not come across a single gatekeeper on my journey, ranging from entry level folks, all the way up to some of the top names in the field. Each and every person I have interacted with has been extremely kind, helpful, and supportive. I’ve met some amazingly kind and talented people, and even have regular contact with a number of them.

THIS is the way the security industry as a whole should be. There is more than enough room for everyone. Everyone has their own advantages and unique perspectives they bring to the table. Rather than limiting the number of seats at the table, how about we expand the table to make room for everyone?