Why is it Important to be Mindful of What You Share on Social Media?

Have a look at this video:

Thanks to Eng Fang Tran for sharing this on their LinkedIn profile!

I came across this video, and it shows just how insanely easy it is for cyber criminals to get their hands on your personal information. Spending just a little bit of time, they can put together a rather complete profile, obtaining enough information to essentially becoming “you” on a site to open up accounts in your name, purchasing items with your credit/debit cards, even cleaning out your accounts entirely.

Some things to learn here?

  • Don’t post pictures of credit/debit cards, not even blurred/redacted ones; better safe than sorry
  • Don’t post pictures around addresses of places you frequent, such as home, work, gym, etc.; consider turning off sharing your location in apps
  • Don’t post pictures of sensitive documents, such as licenses, passports, degrees/certificates, not even blurred/redacted ones; again, better safe than sorry
  • As much fun as they may be, try not to share things surrounding birthdays, especially on the day it occurs, as it is relatively easy to calculate a date of birth from them. Rather, try to be vague, saying something like, “I had so much fun with my friends celebrating my birthday recently!”

Stay safe out there!