Thoughts About Feeling Valid

BREAKING NEWS: I am an emotional person. I’m an empath. I’ve noticed that as I grow older, I become more and more emotional and empathic.

Seeing things that invoke emotions where people are crying or doing something touching, will invariably have my teary-eyed, or outright crying.

Seeing images or videos of people physically hurt immediately makes my skin crawl, and leaves my nerves tingling, sometimes even feeling pain myself.

I can’t explain why it has grown seemingly exponentially in my years. Call it a blessing/curse? 🤷🏻‍♂️

The same thing happens when I see or hear something angering. It stirs up rage from within.

Why am I sharing all of this? This morning, I was watching part of a video somewhere, with a person on it saying things to the effect of, “people would kill to be in the position you’re in”, and “they would love to be in the position you’re complaining about”. (I’m getting angry all over again merely writing about it)

I’ll admit that I was too enraged to even watch the rest of the video. I then proceeded to head over to my Mastodon account to get words out of my head, and posted the following:


No, no, NO.

Just because people would “kill to be in your position” does NOT make your unhappiness in that position any less valid.

F*** off with that. Don’t belittle our feelings.

We are all entitled to feel our feelings about our personal situation, and should not be made to feel guilty about it. I’m not a fan of hearing, “people have it worse than you; you should be thankful.”

Yeah, F that.

I should not have to feel bad or downplay my feelings and thoughts just because others have it worse. There is ALWAYS someone who “has it worse”, no matter what “it” is.

While I inferred that the meaning of the video was about the workplace, I feel that this applies to most aspects of your life. The only person that is going to truly understand what is going on in your head is YOU. Your feelings are EVERY bit as valid and real as someone else’s. Just because someone may not understand or agree with how you feel, it shouldn’t be cause to downplay or even dismiss what you’re feeling.

I now return you to your regularly scheduled programming.

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