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Daily IT Style Recap: October 18-22, 2021

Happy Friday, everyone! We are finally at the end of another work week, and the weekend is upon us. It’s rather hard to believe that October is almost over ALREADY. The year is just FLYING BY, I tell ya. I don’t know why, but today has been a real “meh” kind of day for me. […]

Daily IT Style Recap: October 11-14, 2021

Hey everyone! Happy Monday! I’m a little bit late getting this out to you, because I had too much to worry about on Friday with my exam. If you haven’t seen on any of my other social media outlets, I’m happy to report that I passed! It was completely unexpected, as I had been failing […]

Daily IT Style Recap: October 6 – 8, 2021

Happy Friday, everyone! Ready for the weekend? I sure am! I’m going to be seeing the new James Bond movie tonight, and am quite excited to see it! If any of you are also going to see it sometime over the weekend, let me know what you thought! Here’s a look back at what I […]

Daily IT Style Recap: Week of September 27-30, 2021

Hi all! Happy (almost) Friday to you! Today is MY Friday, so no outfit post tomorrow. Sorry! 😦 Here’s a look back at what I wore to work this week. It has been a CRAZY week, and I’m glad that it’s over. It was never-ending! Fingers crossed that next week is much better. Have a […]

Daily IT Style Recap: September 20 – 24, 2021

Hey, everyone! We have FINALLY made it through another week. Ready to relax? I am! Here’s a look back at what I wore to work this past week. I was unable to get any pictures taken today (Friday), as I was forced to park elsewhere due to my parking garage being completely full (which I […]


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